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Our Company

We are a leading company with more than 30 years of experience designing and producing plastic packaging and P.O.P. Material.

Nuestra Empresa


We develop solutions of thermoformed plastic packaging, industrial applications and advertising material that meet and exceed the expectations and needs of the industry to pack, exhibit or highlight their products.

With a competent human team, experienced and committed to innovation, knowledge management, excellence, ethics and social responsibility, we generate development opportunities for stakeholders.


In 2021 we will have presence in the international market, and we will be a reference in the sector of thermoformed products in Colombia, recognitions of our developments in packaging, industrial applications and advertising material.

We stand out for the quality of our products, innovation, the management of our processes, a deep-rooted culture of corporate social responsibility and commitment to the environment.

Integrity policy

In SYSTEMPACK, we create innovative solutions for plastic packaging, advertising material and industrial solutions that satisfies the expectations of our customers, and with high quality standards.

We are committed to our stakeholders on the continuous development of activities that protect, maintain and improve the physical integrity and mental health of all our employees and all the people involved in the process, as well as prevent property damage, workplace injuries and diseases, and socio – environmental impacts generated by the company, complying with all applicable legal requirements established by customers and those agreements signed by the organization.